abc to dq transformation

I have used the abc to dq block as described in PSIM manual. The below pic is taken from PSIM manual. But i am unable to get the d & q voltages as described. Kindly please help me to get the output as described in PSIM manual.
As i am working in a PMSM project, hoping quick replies from community members.

Check theta it needs to be in radians and it needs to do 0-2*pi at the same rate as the source. there are many examples in the examples folder that show how this work properly
in examples\ac-dc
3-ph PWM recifier with PFC
in examples\dc-ac
3-ph inverter with p q control.

most of the motor examples use this conversion as well. Further, you need to make sure that your transformation flag is properly set so that d leads or lags q in the manner you expect.