ADC and AC coupling

I understand that I can only apply positive signals on the ADC on the real TI hardware target. So, I need to add a DC offset to the AC signals that I want to read with the ADC. My question is how can I remove this offset in PSIM? Does the AC and DC coupling option in the “ADC” block take care of this?

Using the ‘AC coupling’ mode for the target ADC’s assumes that you will be mapping an AC signal which has been offset by 1.5VDC. PSIM will automatically, remove the 1.5VDC offset as part of the automatically generated code.

The AC coupling further eliminates clutter in your simulation as you do not need to insert a 1.5VDC offset in simulation just to remove it again once you are past the ADC.

In summary an ‘AC coupled’ signal in PSIM is the equivalent of a ‘DC coupled’ AC signal with a 1.5VDC offset.

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