auto transformer and centre tapped inductor

I am having doubt while designing an auto transformer for a non isolated converter. can I use an ideal or non ideal 1 phase intverted transformer by connecting one end of each primary and secondary windings to acheive an 1:1 auto transformer?

second doubt is if I connect two inductors in series and tap from the centre for connection will it act as a centre tapped inductor? if not how can I achieve a centre tapped inductor?

Thanks in advance.

For the auto transformer yes you can just connect the windings of the transformer elements in series, depending on the dot convention it will buck or boost the output voltage.

For the centre tapped inductor it might be better to use the magnetic elements and to define the inductor and wingdings with the fundamental elements.

Look in Elements->power->magnetic elements, there are also examples in the magnetic modelling folder of your examples folder.

Thank you. I’ll check and will come back to you for further help if required.