Boost Converter connected to 1 phase inverter


I am working on a research project that aims to verify the presence of 120 Hz ripple component, generated due to the high frequency switches, both on boost input side and boost output side. My circuit gives me a 120Hz component on boost output side (inverter input side). However, the fft analysis of the boost input current shows a greater magnitude of current at 110Hz compared to 120Hz. I am not being able to understand the reason for this. I have attached my simulation file for reference.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

(Additional info:
Boost switching frequency : 20kHz, duty cycle :80%
PWM signals on inverter side have been generated by comparing 60Hz sinusoidal wave with 8kHz triangular wave.)

Hi Soumya,

I would suggest closing the loop on the boost portion of your topology, currently everything is in open loop so your boost converter is not actually responding to the inverter loading.

There are several tutorial videos that cover closing the loop with smartctrl.

Beyond this we can’t ‘do’ your research for you. The simulation is working properly it is up to you to understand what is going on and interpret the simulation.