DSP control board connection to code composer studio

Hi everyone, I am using PSIM DSP control board with a code composer studio. Device configurations I have selected as follows
Variant:2833x Delfino TMS320F28335
connection: Texas instruments XDS100V2 USB debug probe
Later I verified the connection but the test was failed.
Please help in this regard on how to resolve this problem.

Check your device manager you should see the USB debug probe there when you plug in the USB.

You are providing external power to the board?

Did you follow along the tutorial video:

Thanks for your reply. I followed the same procedure as in the video. In the device manager, it is showing the probes. When I powered the device the Green LED is glowing on the board.

If device manger shows the probes the issue is with the ccxml file or you have a hardware problem. Do you have access to a launchpadXL? or other processors?