Fast comparator?

The comparator function is rather slow - response time is ~8us.

An op-amp is faster but in some applications I need a fast comparator.

In both cases the output slew time is 10 us.

Is there anything faster?

Hi Jeff,

I’m not sure I follow, the comparator should edge detect to find the exact moment of transition, if the timestep used is “coarse” the difference between the edge detected time and the time steps will be carried forward all the way to the switch being controlled. The easiest place to see this impact will be on the average value of an inductor or capacitor.

can you post an example schematic?

Oops, I keep forgetting this.

Step size is too big.

It would be nice if there was a comparator that had a settable output voltage rather than just 1, and worked in the power domain, like op-amps.