HERIC inverter circuit

I am trying to simulate grid connected HERIC inverter topology but having a problem with the switching of S5 and S6. As per my knowledge, these two switches operate at the grid frequency and help in achieving freewheeling and low leakage current. If anyone here has simulated HERIC inverter topology please share it or help in generating PWM signals for all the switches (S5 and S6) which operate at the grid frequency.

For the circuit diagram of HERIC inverter topology refer to this image.

If you use a comparator you should be able to easily drive those at the grid frequency similar to the totem pole PFC example in PSIM.

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Can you link that example here? Plus if I share my simulation file here can you please review it in order to find mistakes?

you can post your sim, someone will take a look to see what is wrong.

Totem-pole PFC - GaN GS66516 (GaN).psimsch (85.8 KB)

This is a version 12 simulation, I cannot convert to an older sim.

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Thank you for your kind help.