How do I connect Diac on Triac PSIM

Hello guys, first time posting here, I may be in the wrong section of this page, but I have a problem. Can I connect a base of diac on triac gate. Unfortally I cannot simulate the circuit.
I am new menber therefore, I can’t ulpload the image of schematic, but I manage to create a folder on google drive to share the files
Thanks in advance

I’m not sure why you can’t post an image. Please try again, I don’t like to open .rar files from strangers…

You will not be allowed to connect a “diac” to the triac. PSIM ideal switches are controlled by on/off signals. So you can only connect certain element to gate your triac. If you want to do something more realistic you can build your triac out of level 2 NPN and PNP BJTs and build a thyristor out of fundamental components.

Hello, Albert thanks for the replay, the forum says I cannot upload Images or atachments.

Im trying to respond this mesage with a link of png image that cointains a similiar example of my question, if copy the link bellow and add “f” at very end, you can see what I really mean.

Once again thanks in advice.

I’ve changed the settings so that you can post pictures.

I looked at your image and you can’t connect that way. The gating signal must be “logic” and use gating control element the little traingle. You’ll want to recreate the functionality of the diac out of comparators. So, in the image I am sensing the voltage and comparing with the breakover voltage of 40. I would need to setup something else to mimic how the diac turns off.