How I can input solar irradiation and ambient temperature data from excel to solar module in PSIM?

Hello there, I am trying to find out inverter losses using real field data of solar irradiation and temperature of one year. I have time-stamped data of solar irradiation and ambient temperature in an excel file and want to input that data into a solar module in PSIM. Is it possible or how I can input data from excel into the solar module in PSIM?

Hi @imabubakar,

Yes. You can use a lookup table at the solar module’s inputs (the light intensity and the temperature).

But as for the inverter losses, there are more factors affecting the inverter losses than “solar irradiation and temperature”.

The current flowing from in/out of the inverter is more important.

Where is this inverter? besides the solar panel under the sun?

Can you share your schematic for further investigation!