How to apply load torque on the electric machine at desired time instant?


I want to apply load torque on the pmsm machine at some particular time instant lets say at 0.5 sec after the simulation time has started. Also is there any possibility to apply a torque within a time interval on the pmsm motor, like as attached in the picture, it has an additional load torque (increased from 12 to 20 N-m) from 2 to 2.01 sec?


Hi Manoj,


You can use a look up table and drive it with the “time source”. Look for the externally controlled mechanical load, this has a control node where 1V applied = a load torque of 1 Nm, changing polarity of the signal changes rotation of the mech shaft.

Also, have a look at this tutorial video, it shows how you can use the Mechanical electrical interface block to do some interesting mechanical loads using the electrical elements.