How to display magnetization core using saturable inductor?

Hello !

I am working on identifying characteristics of transformers. I would like to ask how do you use a saturable inductor on PSIM for having at the end the magnetization core, thank you a lot

I use this kind of model. My values for the saturable inductor are : (0,0) (0.065,1.6355) (0.8,0.22)

Hi So,

We have a separate set of models for magnetic circuits, please use the “saturable core” element, this will allow you to monitor flux. There are examples/magnetic modeling. also there is a tutorial pdf in help->tutorials that covers magnetic circuits with PSIM.

If you do not want to model hysteresis there are two types of saturating inductor models in elements.

However, if you just have the standard version of PSIM you will not have access to non-linear magnetic models.