How to make PSIM to simulate faster?


I built field oriented Control for a motor. It is taking nearly 20min to simulate Everything. I chose simulation time as 2 sec. If I reduce the simulation time to very low values, then I might not be able to see the effects which occur later the simulation time. Is there any way to get result faster?

if only I had made a tutorial video for tips and tricks for long simulations.

So if you use the load and save flags in simulation control (the clock) you can piggy back simulations after each other.

Further make sure your time step makes sense, for motor drives you will likely want to have 20-50 simulation points per switching period. So if your PWM is 20kHz you will want a simulation time step of 2.5us - 1us. That being said you can sometimes still have a very long simulation in which case we have a 3 phase inverter element in 11.1 which you can switch to “average model mode” instead of switching, this will greatly increase the simulation speed and allow you to use a much coarser simulation step 5-10 points per switching period as the switching of the devices is abstracted and replaced with an average model. You can use this average model to test control algorithms. Further in version 12 we are implementing a dual time step so that you can simulate with a coarse time step and zoom in on the switch transitions with a smaller timestep.