How to simlatue the Spike behavior

I try to simulate the Spike behavior of a Mosfet in a push pull converter(see the attach).
I use a Coss capacitor to simuate the Coss of a Mosfet, and a inductor to simuate the leaguage of a transformer.
The Coss and the inductor will introduce the spike of a Mosfet when it turns off.
But my circuit does give me this behavior.
Do I miss something? What should I do to simulate the Spike behavior of a Mosfet ?

You need to use the level 2 FET, double click on the FET and then where you see the “ideal” drop down change it to level 2.

have a look at this tutorial video it should give you an idea of how to provide the parameters. This will provide you with a more realistic gate and switch transition characteristics.

Level 2 is available for Diode, MOSFET, & IGBT

I use the level 2 Mosfet. No difference.

The 600 V rating of your Level 2 switch is also defining an internal zener voltage. You are getting a spike but it is being capped by the zener. Increase your fet voltage rating and the spike will show up.

I can’t catch it. May you refine my file to show up the spike?