How to simulate a Rogowski Coil

I am trying to develop an over current detector to sense the current in the source of a Sic Mosfet in a half bridge inverter using a PCB constructed Rogowski coil. Can anyone tell me how simulate a Rogowski current transfomer?

Hi John,

I’ve not used a rogowski coil before. For a 1st principles approach you can use our magnetic elements library to construct a “transformer” the trick will be to assign the proper inductance factor for the core. The formula on the wikipedia page for a coil is easily implemented in PSIM.

This can be implemented with our magentic circuit elements or using a simple inductor and measuring the voltage across it.

I hope this helps.

Hi…the LT1014 is a precision quad op amp, but not particularly fast. If you are trying to get all that gain in one stage, the device just can’t do it. The data sheet says the output only slews at 400 mv/second, pretty slow to follow 300 KHz. In a simulator, try all four sections, with gains of 3, 3, 3, and 4 (108 overall) to see if it can hack it.