Import CSV to PSIM

I want to Import CSV file and make a source that operates on CSV. Can you explain the procedure to do so?


Do you have solved your problem? Because i search to do the same thing and i don’t find solutions.

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please watch this tutorial video:

It’s possible to make it by using a Lookup Table and a Time source.
Set the path to the CSV file in the “File Name” entry box of the Lookup Table component.
The CSV file should be composed of at least two columns. The first column is the Time, and the second column is the voltage signal to generate. If the CSV has more columns, these will be ignored.
Then, just connect a Time source in the input of the Lookup Table.
The image below gives an example:


If you want a periodic signal, replace the Time source with a Internal Resetable Integrator with an input signal equal to 1, the Time Constant parameter equal to 1, the Lower Output Limit equal to 0, and the Upper Output Limit equal to the desired time period for the signal like shown below: