Issues with implementing vector control of an RL load


I’m Lucas Moraes, I’m an undergratuate student, and I’m just getting started working with PSIM. I’ve been tasked with applying vector control for an induction motor, though currently using a three-phase RL load as an intermediate step, and have successfully managed to simulate the plant and the control side of the system (as shown in the first schematic file), but I am struggling when introducing the DSP hardware into the system, the output current is completely different from what is expected. I’ve done so in the second schematic file. I also used a C block and the trip zone for current protection, all of which was tested separately on the DSP.

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TesteSimulacao2.psimsch (302.6 KB) TesteSimulacao.psimsch (121.4 KB)

There are example circuits covering this in the examples folder of PSIM, you can search help for RL load. All of these example circuits do code gen with SVPWM for a 3 phase inverter.

Also, here is a set of simulations and code gen files which will step you through the process with a detailed application note.