Manufacture MOSFET model

Hi, how to use a component model from the manufacture website in a PSIM simulation?
I would like to use a mosfet model from Inifioen and they provide a .lib file.

Hi, There are a couple of methods. If your license is enabled with SPICE you can use the .lib directly
please watch this tutorial video.

If you do have SPICE with your license you can use the level 2 model. This model also allows you to use this model in simulations with motor drives and digital control and can lead to faster simulations and better numerical robustness.

here are some tutorial videos:

@Albert_Dunford Thanks for your support.
I am using the PSIM 9.1 and seems there is no SPICE addon.
It means if I would like to simulate the losses of the component it will have poor results, once there are only few characteristics that I can change in the regular component in the PSIM?
Sorry, I am new PSIM user.

@Johninson version 9.1 of PSIM is more than 5 years old at this point. models with more realistic simulations of the switch transition were added in v10, the add-on spice module in v11.

Please connect with our sales group or your local distributor to understand upgrading. If you are student there are some free options available.

@Albert_Dunford Hi Albert. It is clear.
I will check how to proceed.
Thanks for your help.


I saw that the thermal module is a very easy and convenient way to get the power losses but, unfortunately, there are only few components models in the PSIM database.

There is the possibility to build up our own model using the database editor, but it will use datasheet information to emulate the component curves and behavior, what may not give a very accurate result.

In the other hand, the SPICE models can emulate very well the component behavior.

So, my doubt is: once now the SPICE simulation is integrated to the PSIM, is there any way to use a component SPICE model in the thermal module simulation?

In this way, we can have the convenience of the Thermal module measurement and the accuracy of the SPICE model.

If not, what is the best way using PSIM to simulate the inverter components power losses?

Great question, there is fault with your logic… The spice model is not always right, if you properly define a PSIM thermal model I would trust it more that what the SPICE model gives you. Please have a look at the attached pdf, this is a presentation I gave at APEC in 2018. I compare the thermal model with SPICE and also against some third party simulation results.

To answer your question directly we cannot integrate the SPICE into thermal, the two models are accomplishing two different tasks. Further to use SPICE in an inverter simulation can cause very long and unstable simulations, your only option will be to use thermal.

If you want to look at a detailed device transition in an inverter you can use our level two devices here is a video that compares PSIM level 2 with SPICE for a SiC device

PSIM APEC device model session.pdf (1.6 MB)

Dear @Albert_Dunford, thanks for clarifying my doubts.
I will also take a look in the shared material.


Hi @Albert_Dunford, after a while I was able to update my license to the latest one, with SPICE and thermal module.
I still have a question related to the losses simulations.
Is there any place where I can find libraries/models to be used in the thermal model?
There are few models included in the installation package and I would like to find some new components from ST/Infineon, etc.
I know I may create a model through the database editor, but I would like to get the ones from the suppliers, as I may get for the spice models.
The reason is that most of the MOS datasheet does not share the transconductance, what is necessary when defining the thermal model, and also to use Level 2 compononent (and to get such parameter from the datasheet curves is not so precise).

Manufacturers currently do not supply a PSIM thermal or level 2 type model. If you email them directly for the characteristics you are looking for they will usually provide additional information. The only way that manufactures will start to host PSIM parts is if users ask them to, it doesn’t help much if we ask, it needs to be clients who buy parts.