Modelling of Hydrogen based Standalone Power System in PSIM

Dear All,
I am planning to design a hydrogen-based standalone power system (in the range of 5kW-10kW). I want to model Electrolyzer, Hydrogen gas storage and Fuel cell to simulate the power flow scenarios.
Does any one has worked on this before? My questions are -

  1. Is it possible to model the Hydrogen system along with the converters and grid?
  2. Is there any average model or equation based model that I can use to emulate the hydrogen system and obtain the time domain results? For example we can design a Microgrid with PV and Wind system in detail. In my model I want to include only PV and hydrogen based standalone system. How such a model can be developed that captures the dynamics of Fuel cell, electrolyzer and the Hydrogen storage system.
  3. We can have equivalent circuit model for Battery storage and it is very common. Is there any model available that we can use to represent Fuel cell and Electrlyzer?

Thank you. Hope to have an effective discussion with the fellow members.


Murdoch University
Perth, Australia

PSIM can simulate the system if you can establish the model.
The model can be math equations, electrical equivalent circuits, computational algorithms, and more.