MOSFET Model Level 2 on PSIM V12

I am currently simulating MOSFETs with Model Level 2. I have noticed that there is a problem with the latest version of PSIM (V.12.0.3). I get the error message:

Error Message:
Element: R Name: Q1.R2
Error: The RLC branch Q1.R2 is connected to the gate node of the switch ON4
The switch gate node must be connected to one of the switch controllers (ONCTRL/ACTRL/PATTCTRL).
Refer to “Help”|“Index”|“Power/Control interface in PSIM” on how power and control circuits are represented and interfaced in PSIM.

Because of this error message I downloaded the example “Introduction to PSIM Level 2 MOSFET & Comparison with SPICE” from the link However, I get an error with this project too:

Error Message:
Element: RL Name: I(C4)
Error: Two RLC branches have the same name C4

Then I opened the downloaded example project with PSIM V.11.0.3 and started a simulation: With version 11.0.3 it worked.

Unfortunately, I can’t open my project with version 11.0.3 because I created it with version 12.0.3.
My question: Is it possible that the PSIM V12.0.3 may have a bug?

Please note that I can’t upload pictures of my circuit because I am new in this forum. :frowning:

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

we will check. I know the circuit you are referring to as I made it!

did you get the answer?
thank you.