MOSFET Thermal Model Switching Loss Calculation


I’m wondering if there is any documentation that includes the equations/methodology that PSIM uses to compute the switching losses for the MOSFET thermal model. In this case, the Eon and Eoff curves are not provided (as is the case for many traditional Si MOSFETs). I’ve attached the model details below.

I am trying to confirm the results seen in my simulation. I followed the theory in to double-check and the results are within reason but I’m curious where the differences occur.


The thermal calculations are used for efficiency estimations and design of the cooling method.
Thermal calculations in any simulation software depends on the accuracy of the information available. The thermal characteristics are mostly approximations of nonlinearities, if you go through the device datasheets and manufacturers’ app notes.

Small deviations exist between different calculation methods due to the approximation.
As long as the results are within reason, different methods/simulations verify each other.