My circuit will run on other computers but won't run on mine

for some reason when i run the psim file the data gets truncated and there is no waveform in the simview, but when i run it on my pc it works. I tried making different circuits and they work fine except for this one, so I am not sure what is the problem here. These are the spefication of my circuit:


i. 3-phase sinusoidal voltage source with 45 VRMS/phase and 50 Hz frequency.
ii. 3-phase thyristor bridge.
iii. Voltage sensor (to sense VR and VB).
iv. Comparator (to compare voltage between VR and VB with 0 V).
v. Alpha controller with 50 Hz frequency and 120° wide pulse duration.
vi. 2 x DC voltage source (1 V to activate the alpha controller and the other to represent the firing angle in degree).
vii. 4 x voltage probe to measure all three phase voltages as well as the pulse to the thyristor.
viii. 1 x voltage probe (node-to-node) to measure the output voltage.
ix. 3 x current probe to measure all three phase/line currents

P.S i’m an undergraduate degree student with no money (;-:slight_smile: