PcdEditor Thermal Module

Hi guys.
I want to ask about thermal modeling.
I just try to follow thermal modeling as tutorial “IGBT and MOSTEF Loss Calculation in Thermal Module”
In page 9, it said to repeat the same process to capture the 150-degree curve after capturing 25 degrees.
However it is impossible, the program said “Graphs for different temperatures mush have the same range of IC”
What should I do?

Please answer it for me.

Hi, you need to limit the range of IC values you input from the lower temperature curves to the range of the higher temp curves.

So if Tj = 25 dC curve has an IC range of [0…500] but the Tj = 125 dC curve has a IC range of [0… 200], you should only use the data from [0…200] from the Tj= 25 curve.

It would be unwise to operate the device in the higher region of the Tj = 25 dC curve the losses and heatsinking requirements would likely be very very large.