PSIM boost single loop pi cannot be controlled (automatic code generation F28335)

Boost circuit parameters
Input: 200vdc
Output: 400vdc
Inductance: 2m
Capacitance: 220u
Resistance: 320 ohm
Duty cycle: 50%
Frequency: 50kHz
Power: 500w

Voltage sampling circuit magnification: 1/200

At present, I don’t know where the setting is wrong, the boost single-loop pi cannot be controlled, resulting in vout not being able to control 400v

The ultimate goal is to automatically generate code F28335, and the components are all selected to support code generation!

The details are attached, please help!

Hi @sm78yy,

Can you send your circuit schematic files to have a look?


Hi @sm78yy!

Ok. I am now looking into it.