PSIM Circuit Element

Does anyone know the name of circuit element shown in the attached picture?

those are idea switches, you’ll find them in the elements->power->swtiches.

The label looking things are called labels and they are in the edit menu or from the top tool bar

Do you mean “ideal switches”?

During the PSIM simulation, I don’t know what I accidentally clicked, and the simulation suddenly went blank. Why? What should I do?

Hi, Henry,
Please describe your problem with more details:

  • What version of PSIM are you using? PSIM12 or another version?
  • Are you running simulation of a PSIM example cirucit? Which example?
  • If not , please attache your circuit schematic.
  • Did you check the “Free Run” box in the “Simulation Control” block?
  • Which screen of “the simulation suddenly went blank”? The schematic screen or the Simview waveform screen?