PV and IV curve of solar module

How PSIM give the waveform of PV and IV curve in its utilities option when we chose solar module (physical module)? what is the background equivalent circuitry for the solar module which psim follow? with respect to the rating i tried to put in equivalent circuit but cannot get those good waveforms like psim

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Hi Immad,

Try using the PV curve tool from the utilities menu. The underlying model is based off of published PV models, there are a few standard models and you should be able to see find the equivalent circuits quite quickly with a literature search.

What PV panel are you trying to model?

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How do I set A new model parameter, such as new model Eg, A, Ks? I think some of the defaults mentioned in the previous instructions no longer apply to the current model
Or are there any new pv module recommendations?

there is a PV model utility in the utilities menu which help you to define the proper model parameter for a given VI curve