PV connected to grid

I’m trying to integrate PV cell in grid.
I’ve designed inverter and Dc-DC boost converter seperately but is finding difficulty to integrate both.
I’ve implemented P&O algorithm in PV power transfer. But cannot combine Inverter and DC/DC boost converter.

Please help me with this as i’ve very less time to defence my project work.

Rumesh Rupakheti

It is difficult to see the problem from the images. I would suspect that the main issue revolves around the power being supplied. Are you controlling the power output from the DC-DC and the inverter with the same reference?

Does the system work with a DC source in place of the PV source?

Yes i’ve tried with DC source (Battery 1000V) instead and it is working properly.

But when i’m trying PV cell output as a DC voltage source i’m unable to get voltage in that range.

In the image you can see that there is PV source with MPPT control and DC-DC converter. The output from the DC-DC converter is used as input to inverter and the voltage range should be in range of 1000V.

But i couldnot get the proper voltage.

And your question about controlling the power output from DC-DC and inverter with same reference.

At present i’m working with constant id reference.

I want to use the DC-DC output voltage as a reference with some Vdc value to get the id reference .

HOpe you get my question now…


these types of simulations are very tricky. have a look at the example sim attached.

The mppt control is defining the DC bus voltage, which then provides the reference for how much power can be passed through the inverter to the grid.

Thanks for the simulation. I went through the simulation but in my case i’ve difficulties in gaining the voltage of DC/DC boost converter.
And after getting the required voltage through the DC/DC converter i’ll compare that with reference DC voltage for how much power inverter can pass to grid.

Dear Mr. Rumesh Rupakheti and Mr. Albert Dunford

It is an interesting discussion. Like a Mr. Rumesh Rupakheti, i have problem when connected DC-DC Converter to Inverter for grid application, the power from converter always drop if connect to inverter. However, if connect to load and just for standalone application the power from converter is stable and close to the maximum power of PV

And then i have try simulation from Mr. Albert Dunford, but i can’t open the simulation because i just using PSIM version 9.0.3

Please help me

Rizky Ajie Aprilianto