Rotary Transformer with Synchronous Machine

I want to connect my three phase Voltage Source Inverter to a rotary transformer, which is to be connected to a rotating diode bridge. Is it possible to use the resolver block for that? I see the resolver block has two stator windings, with each having positive and negative sinusoids, but I need three inputs-three outputs for my three phase system (to couple the stationary parts to the rotating ones). I didn’t find my answer in the example provided by PSIM on the resolver. Any idea on how to simulate this rotary transformer in PSIM, or other rotary transformers having single phase input three phase output for example?

Appreciate your help!

Hi R FY,

I’ve asked around the office and no one really has much experience with a rotary transformer. We are trying to do a bit of digging. It is very likely that something can be modeled but you might have to build it out of the basic building blocks. If you can post a schematic or diagram of what you are trying to do we can recommend how that would be built.


Dear Mr. Albert Dunford,

Thank you for your reply!

I don’t have a schematic in the meantime, but I can say it looks exactly like a normal transformer connected to a diode bridge. The only difference is that I need to model these parts as rotating. I don’t know if the resolver block could help because it says in the help section that it is essentially a rotary transformer but not sure if it behaves as a transformer (stepping up and down, isolation…).

Thank you for your time and support