Sampling Frequency

I’m currently using PSIM and I went through all of the code generation tutorials. I’m designing a nonlinear controller for a three phase inverter. The switching frequency of the circuit is 10kHz however when I digitized the circuit by adding the delay I had to use a sampling frequency of 100khz. In the PSIM tutorials the switching frequency is also used as the sampling frequency. I haven’t flashed the dsp with the auto generated code as yet but do you think this would be an issue.



Hi Nadia,

It is hard to understand from your post why you “had to use 100kHz”. From the sounds of things your control has not been digitized properly. It is likely that your control design has not properly accounted for the delay introduced by a digital system. To understand this please have a look at the tutorial videos that talk about digital control.

This one is a good start