Shortcut to maximize and minimize window

I am wondering if there is any shortcut to maximize and minimize window in PSIM. I don’t want to use cascade or tile because my screen is a bit small so it isn’t shown clearly when used with these function.

Another problem is that I am using two screens right now but there is no way that I can open two schematic editors in two screens at the same time.

Does anyone know how to do this also?

Is this formum still active? Also does anyone know any forum where there is active discussion about PSIM?

sorry for the delay, unfortunately it is typically just me who answers questions in the forum, I sometimes wait a couple of days to see if anyone else will respond. Please continue to post here I will answer the questions.

What you need to do is to use the Tabbed look. This is accesible in the View->application look->tabbed. This will allow you to have multiple schematics open and to quickly flip between them. If you drag and drop the tab down to the schematic it will make multiple windows.

Also you can open more than one “instance” of PSIM on the same computer if you want to have two editors on different screens.

I hope this answers your questions, I’ll try and generate a tutorial video on the subject.

Thanks. I didn’t see the Tabbed look in my PSIM (version 9.1). Maybe it is in newer version. PSIM is usually used for power electronics circuits but I am wondering why very few people talking about PSIM and active forum for this software.