SIMCODER and PIL working with proprietary F28335 DSP hardware


In our company we work with XDS510LC emulator from Spectrum Digital and proprietary circuits including DSP F28335.
I would like to know if this scenario is suitable for working with the SIMCODER and PIL modules (including DSP oscilloscope), or it is necessary to have hardware systems, including Delfino F2833x TI series card.

Thank you

Hi Pedro,

The PSIM-PIL functionality is compatible with custom code and any emulator as long as that is compatible with CCS. When PSIM launches a PIL simulation it launches a CCS debug session in the background. You do not need simcoder or DSP oscilloscope for PIL to work.

DSP oscilloscope communicates on the SCI port, you need to connect to these data pins and bring them back to your computer somehow. Typically a serial port to USB translator is used, the XDS emulators have a built in virtual serial port so you can connect to this as well as long as you map the pins from the DSP back to the port.

I am also facing this type of issue on my iOS and I am facing iTunes error 9. Please help me with proper solution.