Simcoupler issue for simple simulation

Hello !

Having not found an answer in my research on other forum, I allow myself to ask you this question. Here is a very simple diagram but the result is really strange and I do not understand why. Would anyone be able to enlighten me?
(I just send PWM signal to PSIM and ask PSIM to resend me this signal without any modification and…)
My problem is that when i send my PWM command generated by Matlab to control my DC-DC converter, this one have some weird behavior and this is because of that… so i need to fix this to fix my main code !)
I hope you will be abble to help me :slight_smile:

(See the picture for the problem)

Hi Kitika,

Have you defined a timestep in PSIM with simulation control? You might be encountering a sampling issue.

Also, you will be able to easily fully define digital or analog control of your dc-dc converter in PSIM. With a properly configured license you will not need to use Matlab.

For a look at DC DC converter simulation have a look at this video tutorial. It is the first in a series of videos.