Single Shunt / DC-link current control in motor drives

Hello everyone,

In a three-phase motor drive, three-phase current information is essential to perform Field Oriented Control (FOC).

A widely used approach to get them is the phase current reconstruction based on DC-link / bus current measurement.
In this approach the DC-link current is sampled in a scheduled way within a PWM period based on duty cycle width.
In my line of thought, the control algorithm can be implemented in a fixed discrete frequency and the DC-link current sampling instant should be adjustable.

I’d like to know if there is a way, or work around, to deal with this implementation in PSIM.


Hi…the solitary way you can get a decent current worth is to read the Peak current, time your read when the PWM is on. This is extremely difficult to do with the PSIM, You can utilize a shunt and a low pass channel in the simple space and accomplish close outcomes. Others will likewise give you some great ideas.