Something wrong with level shifter simulation when using PSIM

Hi all,

I have tried to simulate a level shifter which means a converter between 3.3[V] and 5[V].
First of all, when visiting the following website,

I can simulate the converter between 3.3[V] and 5[V] very easily by using their simulation tool.
Also, we can find out these kinds of converter circuits through googling.

But I got in trouble with PSIM when simulating the same converter model.
The level shifting is not happened but I get the same level between input and output.
That is, if providing 3,3[V] the psim model, the output is the 3.3[V], not 5[V] with my psim model.
So, I can’t find out how to make it to be able to work like the above website simulation.

I hope for you guys to help me so that I can make it.

I tried to attach the psim model and simulation result in this but new users can’t be uploaded with warning message.

Have a good day!
Best Regards!
Fermi Lim.