Sweeping input voltage and calculating efficiency automatically


I am a new user to PSIM and am wondering if there is any way to step a DC input voltage and then automatically calculate a flyback converter’s efficiency ( Eff=(Pout1 + Pout2) / Pin) ) for each stepped input voltage? It would be even better if this could be graphed ( Eff vs. DCin). Each DCin voltage requires the simulation to run until steady state is reached (~10 ms).


Hi Mark,

You can use a script to compute this. In order to include switching losses into your system you’ll need to define the active switches as level 2 (FET and Diode). https://powersimtech.com/support/resources/video-library/introduction-to-psim-level-2-mosfet-comparison-with-spice/

level 2 device tutorial video

Scripts tutorial video

The scripts examples are in the examples “Scripts” folder. There are several examples that should give you an idea how to do this. You can also sign up for my webinar on Nov 15, I will talk about scripting in detail

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