Thermal module - MOSFET losses analysis

Hi Albert,

I just trying PSIM 2020a, mine is Academic License and am running simulation with Thermal Module (using MOSFET (database) for IXFK100N65X2) when I get this error message.

Error Message:
Error: One of the output values is out of the numerical range. This is most likely caused by a division operation where the denominator is 0.

Then, I try to search online and found others have the same error which related to the C block.

So I try to disable the C block in my circuit and the simulation run just fine. I try to play with the parameter value and equality operators, and sometimes the simulation work (but the code is not an effective value for the gating sequence). I don’t see what’s the problem as I don’t use any division function or any zero denominator value. However, I need to use the C block to control the gating sequence, so, is there any tips on how I can fix this?

I don’t have any issue before by using ideal MOSFET.

Thanks in advance…

I’m using Thermal Module - MOSFET (datasheet) for IXFK100N650X2