Variable phase shift delay in pwm

hi all,
hope you are great, i have to generate variable phase shift in pwm, i m trying to use PWM Phase shift f28335, but its not working is there anyone who can help me regarding generating the specific phase shift , whatever i want.

what do you mean by it “isn’t working” did you try the example simulation? they are typically stored in this path

C:\Powersim\PSIM11.1.0_softkeyX64\examples\SimCoder\F2833x Target\1-ph PWM with phase shift

i have attached two examples here. please confirm these work for you.

Hello Albert Dunford I have the same problem with the block “1-phase PWM(shift)”. I evaluated the example “3 phase-shifted PWM outputs” but It doesn´t work well because the 3 PWM outputs are equal (in phase). Then I tried to build the code generated in CCS, but It display some errors. I hope you help me please to solve this.

Kind Regards

Hi Albert,

I wondering is there any other ways to realize the variable phase shift delay in PWM without using the 28335?

Thank you.