very long simulation in AC Sweep mode

With Thanks for your great simulator…
I have 7 phase phase shift full bridge converter for simulation in ac sweep mode.the simulation period in ac sweep was very long about 24 hours.there is any way to shorting this time. My AC sweep parameters is in the attached picture.Thanks for your response.


  1. You are using the old style sweep which runs a time domain simulation at each point of interest. The new multi-sweep runs the frequencies at the same time and is typically MUCH faster. Please watch this tutorial video
  2. Reduce the frequency range, PSIM runs time domain simulations and the switch models are active, sweeping from 1Hz to 1MHz only make sense if you use average models replacing the switch models which is common in other tools. Preserving the switch models allows for a real understanding of the frequency response and is much better than an average model approach. We need to understand what is happening which switching is in circuit. The switching speed introduces a sampling of the perturbation, so the maximum speed that should be swept to is Fsw/2. Start your sweep at (Fsw/2)/100 - 2 decades before Fsw/2. If you need to expand the frequencies beyond this then run a subsequent simulation, but ALWAYS start with a narrow range of frequencies and add as needed.

For further advice I need to see the schematic.

Thank you so much Mr Dunford.Both solution was useful. unfortunately our company has no email and we cant use version 10. there is any way to approach trial version?

Hi Vahid,

all requests for a trial license can be requested through our website, with the try PSIM today link.