Where are the functions begining with PS implemented

I am using Simcoder to generate code for 28335,taking the ‘1-ph PWM with dc input’ for example,which I set the PWM1 to generate PWM, the project can be built and run without errors.But there are no PWM in PWM1 channel.
I found there were lots of functions beginning with PS,such as,PS_SysInit(),PS_InitTimer,but I cannot find where on earth are the funtions implemented.
So I tried to debug the project and step into the functions to have a look,but I found nothing but errors.
I want to ask what is going on with these functions,do I lack some files?

Please email your question to support@powersimtech.com, along with your PSIM license number and university/company affiliation for prompt and in depth technical support.

I guess you have built the code and downloaded it to the F28335 target board. The statement in your email “But there are no PWM in PWM1 channel” is not quite clear to me. Do you mean that, when you connected an oscilloscope probe at GPIO0 pin, there is no pulsed waveform there?

Is this the first time for you to use SimCoder? Have you read and followed steps in the document “Tutorial - Auto Code Generation for F2833x.pdf”? You can find this file by clicking PSIM’s menu “Help >> Tutorials >> SimCoder”

Further, if you simulate this circuit do you observe PWM signals coming from the PWM block? All PSIM code gen circuits can be simulated to ensure proper functioning before implementing on the target processor.

To answer the question regarding the “PS_” functions. These are PSIM proprietary functions and are no visible to the users.